Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us in any of the ways listed at the end of this page. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a quotation.
Unfortunately we can't deliver our services directly to commuter without your bus operator engaging our services. Please contact you bus operator and tell them about us. We'd be delighted to help!
SmartBus assumes that your buses have a GPS system (such as that provided by FleetConnect) so we can tell where your buses are. However we are also developing mobile system that provides all the capabilities of SmartBus but relies simply on a mobile phone carried in the bus to operate. If you're a small bus operator and this option is appealing, please get in touch.
We're a small, hi-tech company with world-class expertise operating in a virtual office so our costs are very low. We can offer you an excellent service at an unbeatable price. We develop all our own software, so we can tailor our systems easily to suit your needs. Our software is under continual development, and once your sign up with us you will receive future updates to our apps for free.
We need to assess your requirements before we can provide a price, but our typical pricing is such that if the SmartBus system just garners you one extra customer per day, then you'll make a profit using our services.
SmartBus comprises iPhone and Android apps that provide your customers with static information about your bus timetables etc. as well as live information about real-time bus locations and live updates. Built into the apps is a Seat Reservation System that allows regular customers to reserve seats during busy periods.
Your customer can register and make reservations from any mobile device or desktop computer. They receive a email confirmation of the reservation. The bus operator and drivers can access the Seat Reservation system and see how many seats are booked on each journey. Reservations are typically stopped one hour before the bus departs, and the driver puts physical 'reserved' notices on each reserved seat.
Don't worry, part of the service we provide is to keep the apps and the Seat Reservation system up-to-date with any changes to your timetables and routes at no added cost.

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