See what features the SmartBus mobile apps offer your customers

  • iPhone and Android mobile apps
  • Maps showing stops and live bus positions
  • Timetables and 'next arrival' time
  • Facebook feed for announcements
  • Integrated Seat Reservation System

Live bus positions

The SmartBus mobile apps show where your buses are and what direction they are going in. Your customers will appreciate seeing where their bus is and knowing that it's arriving on time, or if they can wait another minute and finish their coffee!

A live tracker map can also be displayed as a web page that shows where your buses are 24x7 and can be viewed on all desktop or mobile devices.

The 'follow my bus' feature

The 'follow my bus' feature allows the user to select the bus they want to catch. The app then keeps this bus in the centre of the screen as it tracks it on its journey. The user can see how close the bus is getting to their stop and make sure they leave in plenty of time to catch it.

Detailed Stop Information

By tapping a stop the user can see a map of where the stop, a full timetable for just this stop, and the arrival time of the next bus at this stop. This facility is very helpful for finding a stop or for planning your journey when you know what stop you are going to leave from.

Complete Timetable Information

The app also stores the complete bus timetables so the user can easily get an overview of the routes and see which bus stops where and when. Because they are accessible from within the app, the user doesn't have to open a separate web browser to access the timetables.

Seat Reservation System

Our mobile apps include a Seat Reservation System that allows commuters to reserve seats on certain buses, usually those that run at peak times. It's easy to use, and regular commuters will be delighted to know that there is a seat reserved for them on their bus so they can be confident of getting home even on the busiest day.

Live Feed

The app picks up a feed directly from the Bus Operator's Facebook or Twitter page and presents this directly to the user. Any urgent announcements about bus delays or schedule changes appear in the app.